Zodiac Roadmap

Q2 2022- Completed

∙Anime drawing and NFT art design output;
∙Website design and construction;
∙PGC Series I Gameplay design and development;
∙Social channels and initial community setup;
∙Overall economic design, initial storyline and whitepaper writing;
∙Seed Round Fundraising;

Q3 2022

∙Cosmos Warriors Anime NFT collection launch on Solana;
∙Beta test of the Cosmos Academy game launch and can be accessed through website and wallet apps;
∙Open demo for the ACG creation Space;
∙ODS token launch with swap function being setup;
∙Strategic Round fundraising;

Q4 2022

∙New generation Anime NFT collection launch and combine inside the creation space as PGC;
∙Release Season I Anime creations explain the background and attract creators;
∙Public test Cosmos Academy game launch as the first main content;
∙IDO on different launch pads, Dex/Cex listing;
∙ZOC token launch, Defi function setup with ODS token;

Q1 2023

∙Season II creations launch with continuous storylines, allow fan-fictions;
∙New gameplay ”Cosmos Warfare” launch with more RPG attributes;
∙Set up Creator DAO, starting co-creating with the community;
∙Open ecosystem SDK, allow third parties NFT collection to enter the Zodiac world and bring more derivatives;

Future work

∙Launch different Season of the Zodiac Anime and Comics and present a whole storyline for players;
∙Encourage creators using CC0 to expand their creation branding, and provide incubator support;
∙Launch CC0-based decentralized Streaming and Gallery platform;
∙Open infrastructure API to bring community developers and launch their game;
∙Social-fi functions adding into ecosystem infrastructure;
∙Metaverse as service;
To be continued.