Cosmos Academy

Game Intro

Sharing the same scenario with Cosmos Warriors NFT collection, Cosmos Academy is the first blockchain game released in the zodiac world.

To defend their home from the "Great Zeroing Event" and the invasion from the black hole, cosmos warriors have temporarily given up their fight and formed up Cosmos Academy. The young generation will be trained here to learn the knowledge and battle skill to be ready to fight. After the training is completed, each warrior will link with their mobile armor and use their unique skills to face the enemy and defeat them.

Every Zodiac NFT holder can freely enter the game, their NFT will be the main character inside the game and receive the initail mobile aromor with skill cards. Players can promote their NFT attributes by take them into the training, battle or exploration, every efforts players spend inside the game will help them to obtain the ODS token rewards, then ODS can be used for in-game spending and gain more skill cards to improve their game experience, or they can gain ZOC token through Defi system and swap to the stable coins.

Seasons and rewards

The Cosmos Academy's development will moving forward with different seasons, in each season, Zodiac team will provide different check point from the game scenario, players can chose the stroryline they want to continue with and will affect the future game scenario. If players made the right choice, their in-game revenue will be increased for the next season.

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