System Overview


Starting from the first season of Cosmos Academy, Zodiac will present a TCG on-chain game with RPG attributes.

System Overview

∙Player needs to feed the NFT characters to increase their health level.

∙Dispatch the characters to various gameplays(PVP or PVE), and consume MP to gain experience and rewards.

∙Level up the characters after battles.

∙A character has 10 skill cards by default, and skill cards can be used in internal battles.

System Design

Characters Acquisition:

∙Players can purchase initial/customed characters through the secondary market.

Configuration for Character Type & Default Attributes

∙There is a total of 5 types of characters, and with the default character attributes, players can replace or configure the default skill cards of each character.

∙Players create a unique role, as well as change the corresponding the role name, the skill type to which the role belongs, and other information through the skill role table

∙Characters' unique skills will be used for specific internal battles.

Level and Experience

∙Allows players to define the relationship between the character level and the required experience through the configuration table, and all characters share a set of character growth levels.

∙When the character level increases, the character has the probability to obtain additional attribute bonuses and obtain new skill cards. The specific probability of obtaining the corresponding level and the content of the reward are configured through a dynamic ratio.

Skill Cards

∙One character has 10 skill cards by default. When a character obtains a skill card through gameplay or leveling up, the player can choose whether to replace the existing skill card. After the player replaces, the skill card role obtained by the character by default will be replaced.

∙There are 3 types of skill cards in total, attack, defense, and dodge, players can configure the default skill cards owned by different types of NFT in the form of custom roles.

Base Loop

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