Zodiac Lore

In the Year 2222, human beings discovered the secret of the black hole named "Powehi" when resources on the Earth were almost exhausted. It turned out that "Powehi" was a black hole passageway connecting another galaxy. To survive, human beings entered the mysterious galaxy named Star World aboard the Ark of Bision. The bad news is that the state of this galaxy is very different from the composition of the Milky Way, and the human lifespan has shrunk dramatically.

In this regard, human beings are urgently dispersed to five relatively suitable planets for survival, each planet has distinctive elements and composition forms, the human intervention also opened up five life civilizations in the form of TERRAN, SAINT, NECRO, ELF, and DRUID At the time of the rapid development of the great Five civilizations, the creatures of the Dark realms that roamed the universe quietly opened the "Powehi" channel and touched heterogeneous civilizations. A large-scale war broke out between the planets and the creatures of Dark realms relying on heterogeneous civilization. Although humans defeated the creatures of the Dark realms and made them temporarily retreat to the black hole, the five civilizations consumed a lot in the war. The adult star warriors were almost exhausted in the process of seizing and attacking each other for resources. At this critical moment, Cleopatra I, the mother of the five Deities, predicted the "Great Zeroing Event", in which Dark realms creatures were invading the Galaxy, and after destroying the Galaxy, they would return in a new state and destroy all civilizations in the Zodiac World.

Upon the mediation of the gods, the five civilizations temporarily gave up fighting and formed a balance. Leading by Cleopatra, the Cosmos Academy was established, and young star reserve warriors were selected from the remaining of the five civilizations to start the training of a new generation of armed forces. These girls will not only be trained to become the best star warriors, but they will also become the last hope of the galaxy and the Zodiac World.

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