Rewards Mechanism

Rewards Model- Phase I

In the first phase for zodiac, the game revenue will mainly come from NFT series selling and trading fees, part of these revenues will go back to the rewards pool to ensure a long-term benefits for the ecosystem user, and those revenues will be calculated as:

For NFT creations selling:

For NFT creation trading fees:

For each of the creations or participation in the space operation event, users are able to obtain a certain amount of the ODS token rewards from the ODS distribution. For each month's users rewards, it can be calculated as:

Based on the basic formulas for the early stage rewards model, Zoadic team will dynamically change the rewards ratio following by |(α+β)'s value ≥ γ's value| through ecosystem operation to make sure the users and creators can receive maxium rewards meanwhile still keep the tokenomic sustainable.

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