About Zodiac

A new virtual world with endless possibilities for Web3


Zodiac is an ACG creation space based on multi-blockchains, aiming to provide users a top-level experience of decentralized visual entertainment. Also support the community’s fan-fiction and connect with different NFTs.

The Next Generation ACG Platform Build on WEB 3.0

Different from game-fi or gaming platforms, Zodiac presents a community-led web 3.0 ACG space, which includes Anime, Comic, and games. Each user can not only enjoy the Zodiac original series with top-level visual entertainment but also will be allowed to fully participate in the building of the Zodiac world. As users experience the contents and enjoy relaxation, they are also writing the whole Zodiac story together with others. Each creation or decision users made in the space, will affect how the story goes in the future, and have the potential to bring their creations more revenue and also make it a brand.
Also, Zodiac will allow other NFTs to join the journey. With the CC0 infrastructure solution that Zodiac provides, the community can create NFT fan-fiction or derivatives contents, bring more use cases for the NFT they like and expand the Zodiac world’s story together.
Last modified 1yr ago